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Website Development Project - Oct 2012

As you can tell by reading this we have a brand new website up and running.  This project has been talked about for the past year, but is only now coming to fruition.

The purpose of the website is to act as a portal of information, detailing what the Boys Brigade in Caergwrle does and is planning to do.  We aim to join together our current online presence (Facebook group) with other social media sites such as Twitter, to provide detailed infomation of what we do, and what we are achieving.  It is a source of information for the boys, parents, and the wider community.

The project started by purchasing the domain name caergwrlebb.org.uk (primary domain) & also caergwrlebb.co.uk (although this is not live at the moment we will intergrate it into our primary domain soon).

The first major challenge was to find a hosting platform and website content management system application that was simple enough to allow any brigade member to easily publish web pages and edit existing pages, no matter what their technical ability or knowledge was.  At this stage we are not sure if we have got it right, only time and the amount of new content will tell.  For the techies amongst you, we have utilised the following:

  • Hosting Platform OS = Linux
  • Website Platform Application = Apache
  • Content Management System Applicaton = Joomla

Joomla will be the application the boys will utilise to publish web site content, and they will be publishing their work on the projects listed as well as digitising the massive archive of pictures and documents we hold that chart our history from when we were founded in February 1929 to present day.

Please come back regularly to see how we are getting on and to read of the boys experiences in developing this website.