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Our Train Set Project - Oct 2012

A couple of years ago, train set equipment was purchased for the intention of creating a 3d model train layout in the back games room.  With best intentions the project was started but stalled for various reasons.  It has been decided to try again, and it is hoped that we will have a working model train set ready for this years display.

With this in mind a wooden base has been cut out and installed, further track and rolling stock have been purchased to ensure we have enough track to complete the project.  This is no small undertaking as can be seen by the size of the wooden platform in the pictures below:



































We have a number of good engines that will be the highlight of the track when complete such as:


















This page will detail the progress of the project throughout the year.

track plan

so far we have made a track plan

We have got lot of bendy track but no fishplate.  as you can see it will take a while and cost alot but it will be

very good when finished  there will be a few campsites and a mountain and two stations and a road linking them up

that's all for now by Daniel


 it could look like this.!!!